Cooking Quest

Cooking Quest

This is an original game in which you must search for specific items
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Cooking Quest 2.6 is a time management game developed by Gunnar Games and published by Game Mill Entertainment. Game Mill Entertainment delivers Cooking Quest 2.6 through Big Fish games, as all links at Game Mill Entertainment referring to this game, point to Big Fish Games webpage.
Cooking Quest 2.6 is an original game in which you must search for specific items in the kitchen. To prepare the menu you will need different items which are written in a list. In each stage we have a list of 15 items to find in the shown picture. In each stage we must complete the list of items before time runs out. Each time we complete a list of items, we can buy an ingredient for a recipe. We must complete all the recipes to complete the menu.
This game features great graphics. In addition to this, items are very well hidden, and it´s really difficult to find some of them before time goes out.
Cooking Quest 2.6 is a full featured time limited trial version. This trial version will stop working after 60 minutes. To keep playing the game must be registered.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Original game
  • Really difficult at first, but funny


  • 60 minutes is too short to test the game
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